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Monday, 27 January 2014

Download Gmail Phishing Page | Gmail Phisher | Gmail Fake Login Page

Download Gmail Phishing Page By Dailyhackingtips | Gmail Phisher | Gmail Fake Login Page

Gmail Phishing
Hello Friends in this hacking article today i will give you a sample of a Gmail phishing page which i made recently . so guys download it .

File Extension: .rar (Compressed Archive)

Note - This file and its contents are only for educational purposes. Please do not misuse them.The author is not responsible in any way for your act.By using this you accept with the disclaimer.

Now sign up for a free webhosting service which supports php from upload gmail.html file, php file, password log file and gmail_files folder to that web host. Change permission of log.txt file to777 from settings. Now vector this phished site to victim to get his/her password.

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Enjoy :-)


  1. When I click the downloading link it's shows an empty page...

  2. Its a scam .actually it is a way to stole your email-ID as well as you IP you are over baby!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for writing, I very much liked your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you evidently have natural ability for blogging!
    Gmail Technical Support

    1. he i hoe you be fine
      you did succeeded to open your account?

  4. Hi. Im Reading your post, but i need a bit of help here. I aready upload the files in to The whe i open the facke page, I type a username and a password, but tue log file does not save anything. I does not change a bit. What am i doing wrong? check the properties but its not wirte protected or something.. Can u help?

  5. for thos looking for where to host your phishing files, check this out:

  6. link google phinising nya mati gan??


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