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Sunday 25 March 2018

Must Have Business Apps for not so Techy Entrepreneur

Are you an entrepreneur and struggling with new technologies being launched every day? Confused whether or not to use any of them? Are they really good? And you are finding hard to get a good answer for these questions? This article will help you clear your doubts and make you aware of the best technologies available in the market for your business.

The journey of an entrepreneur is very challenging and tiring at the same time. There are a million things in the to-do-list to accomplish in less time along with tight pockets. Hard work is not just enough, smart work is equally important.

Nowadays various business software solutions are launched in the market. Not being tech savvy in the technology-driven world will leave you behind in your business. Investing in the right technology will help you to tackle all the things efficiently.

 The use of technology is important because:-
     It increases efficiency and gives better output
     Automates tasks which reduce the chances of human error
     Get technical benefits without any technical knowledge
     Be omnipresent. You can do many tasks in a single time.
     Better business monitoring

So here are some of the best user-friendly business software solutions you need to start using:-


It is one of the best all-rounder order management software solution present in the market.  It is suited for all kinds of business like distribution, wholesale, drop shipping and online business. The reason for calling it all-rounder is that it is a cloud-based complete inventory, goods, warehouse, shipment and simple accounting management software. Apart from that, it also manages your online sales and offline distribution.

To be accessible for users from all over the world it is available in various languages and devices with convenient pricing models suitable for every kind of business.

2. Shopify

How to start an online store? How to design the store? How to build a CRM? You must be thinking all this requires a lot of technical knowledge. No worries! Shopify has the answer to all these problems. It is one of the most popular turnkey e-commerce solutions that help to build online stores. It is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business and for that they need to build an e-commerce store or already have an offline store and now are looking forward to growing their online presence.

Shopify provides 100 plus professional templates to attract customers and make them stick around,  over 1,200 different free and paid apps are available in the App store.

The entire business is automated with the tools they provide like customer service management, fraud analysis, product management, finance reports, content management. You can also manage social media and integrate with websites like Facebook and Pinterest.

Shopify point of sale (POS) is one of the best features that allows you to sell in an offline store and manage the entire sales system using the online Shopify store.

If you face any kind of problem with the app you can reach them 24/7 through phone support, online live chat or email.

3. Trello

How you set your priorities and manage your tasks is what sets you apart from the crowd. Trello is popularly used in personal and team projects as the task manager. It is easy to use and the app is available on iPhone/iPad, Kindle, Android, tablets, etc.

A Trello board is present where lists are present. The items present in the list are called cards, you can drag and drop them according to your needs. The cards contain comments, labels, deadlines, achievements, images, checklists, etc. In the list you can include:- Big projects, Inbox, Next Actions,  Waiting, Done and many other labels.

You can add as many people as you want on the board. Just drag and drop the people on the card to assign them to the tasks. This helps you to keep your entire team connected in real-time.
Trello also provides a weekly planner in which you have lists for each day. There are a number of templates present which you can use for planning events or motivate your team members or software development, and various other purposes.

It is an affordable app because the basic features are available for free.

4. Slack

It is one of the best team messaging apps because of the vast features provided by the application. It is a cloud-based software that provides a centralized platform for all the team members to communicate via instant messages. You can not only talk but also store the chats and search various topics in the chats using filters. Also, you can customize alerts, share PDFs, documents, images using drag and drop function.

Public and private channels are present to cater according to the needs of the user. It removes the problem of too many meetings and daily reports, everyone is informed because of the centralized communication and thus save time.

5. Google Suite

Google Suite is a cloud-based application that is a  combination of productive tools and software developed by Google. It includes:-
  • Gmail, Hangouts, Google+ for communication work
  • Google Drive is used for storage purposes
  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms are a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software
  • Google Sites is used to create and manage websites without any technical knowledge
  • G Suite Marketplace is an online store
And there are many more tools present. Utilizing these features you can automate room booking for meetings, have video meetings, store and share data online safely, etc.

So these are the basic applications you need for successfully running your business. If you have any other apps in mind that will be beneficial for our not so techy entrepreneurs then do let us know in the comment section below. And do share the article with your friends. All the best for the business journey ahead!

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