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Friday 3 January 2014

Automatically Poke Back Your Friend On Facebook

Hello Friends, This Trick is very useful for me, i think it is very useful also for you. Poke is the the feature of facebook, Facebook added this feature to get attention of any user. But this is not impressive, very small feature and 90% users of FB don't know it purpose. You can compare it with Buzz option of Yahoo Chat. Whenever a user click on Buzz and then the other person's chat used to vibrate and make sounds to get their attention. This function say that person poked you and you can  poke him back to say yes I remember you. 

This function is not automatic. So manually poking back to numerous individual's may be a huge situation so we have effortless answer for this thing by making this procedure programmed. Notwithstanding we have two choices by which you can make this thing automatic. The one is by utilizing the chrome enlargement that will work just in chrome and the other one is Userscript that will work in both Chrome and Firefox.

Auto Poke Back In Chrome

For this we use Poke All for Chrome extension. It gives you the possibility to poke all your friends back all together with one click.

After installation of this extension, just visit Facebook and click on hand icon in your status bar now you will see all your pokes you can select Auto Poke or just click on the Poke All option.

Auto Poke Back In Firefox

For this we use simple userscript that can be installed in both Chrome and Firefox and this script name is Facebook Autopoke. But for proper working you need Greasemonkey installed in your Firefox browser to get this script working.

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