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Wednesday 19 March 2014


PaisaLive permits you to earn money when you check promoter’s advertising. You lookout ads in your Email Website, Social Network, Papers, TV, but none of them earnings you to checked the ads. On the other hand, PaisaLive pays you to check our believed advertiser’s advertisings.
PaisaLive also earnings you when you login to your account daily. We show you New Advertisings daily which you can checked.
Other than that, PaisaLive also earnings you when you talk about your contacts to join this website and be a part of this single revolution.

How much can I earn from PaisaLive.com?

You will make suddenly Rs. 99 just for linking PaisaLive.com.
You will earn Rs. 0.25 to Rs. 5.00 for testing each advertising. The quantity you earn depends on your Doings Mark and the type of advertising.
More the amount of advertisings you contribute in, advanced your pay-out.
You earn login inducement for just logging into this website once every 24 hours.
You earn Rs. 2 for each contact you talk about to PaisaLive.com
What Paisalive is Not?
PaisaLive is NOT a Grow-Rich-Fast kind of website. You will not develop rich immediate. At first your earnings may be slow, but it will fastening up very soon and you must be able to make steady income every month.
PaisaLive is never an MLM (Multi Level Marketing). You don’t want to sell whatever to earn from PaisaLive.com.
You don’t need to pay any charges to join PaisaLive.com. Its totally FREE to join. In fact, we and our promoters pay you to checked their advertisings.

How & when I receive my payment?

We now send Payment via Cheque. Costs are delivered by the 15th of each month. For example, if you appeal your payment taking out anytime this month, your cheque will be delivered by 15th of next month.
Important points before you think of working on PaisaLive
  • There are so many people I have found, who has go across INR 500/- as well as some of my contacts but never established any money from PaisaLive. So if you have go across INR 500 and suitable for payment, its not essential, you will accept your payment. Just checked some of the persons who is irritable and think PaisaLive as Scam.
  • Most of the money verifications you see at PaisaLive website, are from those persons who can talk about hundreds of persons to PaisaLive. There will be only 1% to 2% such persons and many of the money verifications are from such persons only.
  • You are daily registration with email & mobile amount on at minimum 1 site for earning 1 Rupee. So, at end of 6 months you must have linked hundreds of sites. You will be getting amount of spam emails and SMS from those sites.
  • Now think through everything helpful about PaisaLive and you are at work daily 10 minutes to earn Rs. 5. It means, you will get rewarded only Rs. 30 for an hour labour. So you think, this is some good money to work for?
Paisalive.com is Spam or Not?
There are more than 50,000 memberships linked in PaisaLive but if you checked the payment immune sector of PaisaLive, you will catch they have sent the newest payments to 200 to 300 persons only. It means only 1 in every 250 memberships has received the payment.
There will be so many people who, in meanness of overpass the Rs. 500 limit not received the payment and they will request PaisaLive, a scam. Thousands of persons leave of absence at work with PaisaLive before success the 500 figure and if you compute the total earnings from such people, it will be in lots and that is the complete earnings for PaisaLive.
So PaisaLive is creation very large money but providing only moneys to some of people.
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