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Wednesday 8 July 2015

Samsung Knox: Mobile Enterprise Security

Importance of the Mobile Enterprise Security
Nowadays, the mobile devices are increasingly becoming advanced in technology as well as utility. It has become an important enterprise productivity tool. Majority of official work like sending and receiving mails, making and sharing reports are done via mobile devices. This puts the security of these devices and the sensitive company data in question.
So, it gets very important for the organization to concentrate and invest in the security and safety programs of mobile devices. And, here the mobile enterprise security software plays the crucial role. These software offer protection from mobile malware, data leakage, sideloaded apps and jailbroken/ rooted devices, etc.

Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX is a mobile enterprise security solution that provides device protection, management and development options. It offers enhanced mobile security for your work as well as personal data in your mobile device. You get business protection as well as personal privacy, both in one device. It provides full separation of work and personal data on the mobile devices.
The security features of the Samsung Knox offer business and personal content to exist side by side on the same mobile device. One touch can switch your mobile device from personal to work or vice versa. This doesn’t take any time, delay or reboot wait time, the process is quick. The software is fully compatible with Android and Google.
Everyone wants to keep their personal and professional life separate. With the Samsung KNOX, you can have full control of your mobile device at work as well as at home. The Samsung Knox secures your mobile device without any involvement of any IT experts. It secures your work email and other important data like reports and files and on the other hand protects your personal data such as messages, etc.

The Key features of the Samsung Knox
Two in One: With the Samsung KNOX, the users can enjoy the benefits of two devices in one. The Samsung KNOX helps in keeping the workspace separate from the personal data on the device.

Powerful Apps: The Samsung KNOX offers more access to great apps in the KNOX container. The user can download apps from Samsung Apps or Google Play and get the benefits of improved security in the KNOX container.

MDM integration: The Samsung KNOX can be easily blended with the existing MDM, VPN, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, and offer its users the best security solution that the enterprise needs.

Quick and easy setup: The Samsung KNOX is simple and easy to set up and install.

Improved user productivity: The user can manage their own devices and add IT-approved apps. They can use lock, wipe, and locate device policies from their personal comfort.

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