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Wednesday 30 September 2015

Learn in Steps about VPS Hosting Services

Moving from your existing hosting plan to VPS hosting is surely a great choice. It will give you more control and power on system because it’s compatible with various applications. A VPS host website supports multiple accounts on the same server, which simply means control of multiple websites on the same virtual machine. Switching to virtual dedicated server (VPS) hosting services give you full authority to manage your website that make you to earn great profits in the market. Generally, the VPS hosting in India is offered by many reputed portals that help you in getting right services at right cost.

Stepwise Clarification on VPN Hosting Services in India  

Mixed Hosting Type

  •        With VPS hosting service you will get a mid-way solution, if you don’t want to go for dedicated or shared hosting types.
  •        The virtual dedicated server is a mix of dedicated and shared host services, means this program give you access to multiple operating systems on one system.

Data Backup Facility

  •    Virtual server hosting is great in term of usability and features, you will get a value product in less money.
  •   The data backups on server would be taken on daily basis that assure protection of valuable information.
  •   In addition to, the host provider manages the server in case of VPS hosting and this service is provided at free of cost.

Types of VPS and Recovery System

  •     It is very easy to setup virtualized hosting; you will get a personal server that act independently and give easy access to website.
  •     There are generally two types of VPS hosting famous in India and in global market space that include Widows and Linux VPS.
  •    This new hosting technology provides quick disaster recovery system, because data backed up immediately in the form of image that can be easily rebooted on another system.

Dedicated Space for RAM

  • With VPS server, dedicated amount of space is available for RAM that is provided by the host company.
  •   This technology is single server based that means no one else use this server and you can utilize all the available memory (RAM).
  •    With this technology you get easy access to manage & upload files, domain setting, server security and many other tasks can be easily performed that is not possible with any other hosting system.


VPS hosting services are the primary choice of corporate clients because of their reliability and user-friendly features. The web designers find it easy to work on virtualized hosting platforms as it provides an easy to handle system where they can perform various application testing procedures. The internet is the right place to look for best VPN host providers in India, there you can’t only see the product features in details but can also compare their price and compatibility level.

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