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Monday 9 November 2015

A Beautifully Designed Yet Simple, Faster And Powerful Smart Phone

The Samsung Electronics unveiled the smartphone in the mobile world as an immediate successor to its successor. It gave a greater emphasis on the built which will have a textured rear cover. Thesmartphone was certified to be dust and water resistant and a refined qualityto the mobile user. The added features were incredible like it has expanded a health feature which means that the phone would have a built-in health monitor. The other extra-ordinary features are the finger print reader and a camera that is updated.

What is smart about the smart phone?

  • The design is just unparallel as it has round features with polycarbonate chassis. This gives it a modern look.
  • Unlike the past phones it has a faux metal trim with a rear cover that can be removed.
  • The use of a soft plastic of high quality is used so that it is easier to hold.
  • The colour of S5 is either charcoal black or copper gold and shimmery white colour.
  • The screen is 130mm which is around 5.1 inches along with Super AMOLED panel of 1080p.This allows brightness automatically and gamut adjustments.
  • This smart phone has a rear-facing camera of 16 megapixels that helps to do video recording and do autofocus in just 0.3 seconds.
  • The image sensor in Samsung technology has the capacity to improve its ability reduce crosstalk and capture light.
  • The best part of the phone is that it has a heart rate sensor on the rear side of the device which is located next to the camera’s flash.
How powerful is the smartphone?

The quad-core Snapdragon that was a system-on-chip was released in mobile market has powered S5 by 2.5 GHz. It depends on the resource usage is quite power efficient for light processing loads. The ultra power saving mode is software which extends the battery life. When the phone is enabled the all processes that are not essential are disabled and the screen automatically switches that renders to white on black. Samsung claims that S5 due to its ultra power saving mode can last up to 24 hours in standing mode only with 10% charge. It is designed in such a way that it would help the user in day to day activity that is to be able to see the data in daily activities. The user can track exercise from the phone which is a new feature and also there are many better apps.

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