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Saturday 28 November 2015

Best Free Hosting With cPanel - 100% Free | RRS Host

RRS Host - World Best Free Hosting

RRS Host is one of the famous companies which provides free web hosting as well as paid web hosting. But they are famous for their free web hosting plans which includes few better qualities
  • Let’s check their main features
  • 2GB Disk Space
  • 100GB Monthly bandwidth
  • Php and MySql
  • Auto installer
  • Site builder
  • Email accounts
  • Sub domains
  • Parked domains
  • NO ADS

This is actually mind blowing for many of the bloggers those who want to make their own blog or website. Especially with a set of premium features and pretty decent amount of disk space and bandwidth, they are really worth trying their free web hosting plan.

What we love

What’s good with them? Well we loved many things about them first of all we loved the almost premium features they offer. The next thing we loved is the cpanel, which is actually their custom cpanel and dashboard but it’s beautifully crafted. The next thing we loved is their support. They replied within 2 hours for my ticket after submission and the problem was resolved faster. We loved that and also their script installer is also pretty good they got many scripts such as WordPress and Joomla! And Drupal. They also update these scripts upon release of new versions
Our Experience

Our experience was not bad with them. But many times the server returned errors like “Timeout” and “Server not found”. So we think hosting a serious website is not a good idea. Or if you think your website is going to get a lot of traffic within short time, forget about the free hosting plans. It happens with all free web hosts and you may use a premium web hosting plan for RRS Host or any other web hosts.


RRS Host is really good for non serious websites. In fact it’s good for serious websites and bloggers too. You can host your website in their free web hosting plan and later upgrade to their premium plans (That’s why they provide free web hosting). Anyway RRS Host free web hosting services are worth trying

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