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Tuesday 15 March 2016

Role of Social Media in App Promotion

The main intention of app marketers is to make a smartphone app noticed and popular in the targeted space. Marketing techniques are changing dramatically, making marketers use new and innovative strategies and campaigns to attract their target audiences. The users’ engagement is not so easy as it seems. The sphere of mobile apps is crowded with competition, which needs constant innovation and better marketing strategies.

There is myriad of marketing platforms that provide almost endless opportunities for app marketers to promote their apps. These platforms ensure that your app gets attention, plus you don’t need to invest a large sum of money.


The best way is to get started marketing on the social media by setting up a Facebook profile and put some interesting as well as connecting posts in your apps’ niche. The Facebook gives you a way to know about customers’ feedback for your app. It is highly suggested to set up a Facebook page for your app promotion, as millions of users’ from all across the world are using Facebook. 

Twitter is the finest source for creating brand awareness, networking, and allows you to reach an audience by mentioning them in your tweets. You can create & send tweets on your own; you have to do a little research work. When you start receiving a response of influencers, it is a great driver for downloads. Twitter allows you to do content marketing with its new feature called as “Twitter Cards” that boost the visibility of your app, thereby increasing app install.


Using Instagram for marketing is the latest trend, and it is something unique that is sure to continue in the future. There are over millions of active users are on Instagram, so you get a large audience there to show your mobile app. You can use this social media platform to show pictures, and videos of your app. Also, you can share the info or post about the people who’re already using your app, with the help of ads & images.

In the End

When mobile app marketers streamline all these marketing techniques, they can earn the best value for their app. Social media sites are there to help marketers in creating powerful, affordable & effective marketing that improve profitability and number of app installs.

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