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Wednesday 27 April 2016

Enjoy Better Viewing Experience with OTT Advertising

According to a recent study, over-the-top (OTT) advertising is expanding its reach among TV viewers, and in a short while, it will grab more attention of the users’ from the broadcasting industry. OTT solution and cloud-enabled broadcasting allow the viewers to experience more seamless and personalized live TV content.

Top benefits of OTT include:
  • Audience targeting
  • High engagement
  • Amplification of video content

Know Your Market First

The advantages of OTT advertising sound impressive, but it is important to understand them completely for a successful OTT offering. First, you need to know exactly who your targeted audience is, what they are interested in, and when and at what place they like to watch various forms of content.

All these points cannot be ignored. Those who deal with a large amount of content, have to do careful research to know how TV content marketing needs to be done. Have a look at the provided list of just a few questions you’ll need to consider during your research.
  • What are the general requirements, and age & gender of your targeted market?
  • Where does your targeted audience go to watch different forms of media ads?
  • What amount of time do they spend on a piece of TV content?
  • What is the size of your market?
  • How much general amount of time your audiences spend on your video content?
  • What type of content they enjoy?
  • What is the level of engagement watching video content?
  • What kind of content is not preferred by your targeted users?
  • Do they turn away from a particular length of advertisement?
  • How they will come to know about your ads, and what devices do they use?
  • Do they know something about an OTT service provider?

OTT Advertising: Future of Advertising Industry

Most of the broadcast firms moving to OTT advertising for the better quality viewing experience, this is what making it an important trend in the advertising industry. In a report, the Diffusion Group forecasts that OTT TV ad revenue will rise to $31.5 billion. Similarly, it shows the growth of the OTT TV advertising market and decline of traditional TV advertising. It is better to say that, OTT is the future of broadcast media, as it has introduced an entirely new model of consuming TV content despite the many roadblocks.

In the End

The entire digital advertising industry has moved to the cloud-based advertising that will provide better viewing experience to the customers’ that increase overall satisfaction & viewing experience. OTT communication in the advertising industry is making clients dream true and helps you earn maximum benefits through targeted advertising & marketing.

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