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Thursday 26 May 2016

Samsung Galaxy S5: An Overview

The features and all the specifications of Samsung Galaxy S5 bring one word in mind: Evolution. The phone has a better camera that has clearly evolved to click faster and cleaner images. The fitness-tracking abilities of the phone are better compared to its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S4. IT has more powerful S Health app and a heart rate monitor on the rear. To improve the security, this innovative gadget has a fingerprint scanner, which makes it one of the finest phones ever made. The battery of the phone is larger and the screen much bigger and brighter. The processor of the phone is also very quick.

Key Features

-          Android 4.4.2
-          2GB RAM
-          5.1in screen super AMOLED with 1920x1080nresolution
-          16 MP camera
-          16/32 GB storage
-          Wi-Fi connectivity
-          Bluetooth 4.0
-          USB 3.0
-          2800mAh battery
-          Added biometrics
-          2.5 GHz quad-core processor

Although, there is not any one stand out feature that will grab your attention when you look at this mobile for the first time but Samsung has definitely made a fan-base and this smartphone is sure to grab the attention of most Android phone lovers. Price-wise, the phone is little less expensive compared to the previous flagship models.
The model of the mobile promises a ‘fashionable’ and ‘glam’ design, along with a camera that works the way every camera lover wants it. The phone is also water resistant, which makes it worth a try.

Pros and Cons of the Model

-          Great screen
-          High-quality and versatile camera
-          Feature-packed mobile phone
-          Great battery life

-          Comes with a fingerprint sensor
-          Not the best looking phone of 2014
-          Expensive

Keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind, it is not wrong to say that Samsung Galaxy S5 is sure to grab attention of Samsung fans and smartphone enthusiasts.

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