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Friday 27 May 2016

The Powerful Virtual World Starts from Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has been known for working with the biggest title in virtual reality for over two years. It has started off the venture to bring a little bit of the virtual world to the smartphones, where the Samsung Gear VR is finally a consumer-ready product. The development of Samsung Gear VR accessories for smartphones has a lot of exciting things now in this space that can make choosing on which one to spend money on a little complicated.
To help with this, the following are some assembled a quick list of things that people need to know about the Samsung Gear VR before they either consider or dismiss its existence as a physical accessory to get into the virtual world.

It is Different from Google Cardboard

People would hear those who have only used it for a moment or two; the Samsung Gear VR is an expensive version of Google Cardboard. While it is true that there are some similarities namely as the parts where the phone is put in the little box and look through the lenses on the other side to see beautiful pictures and video, there is quite a bit of actual hardware difference.

People Using Prescription Glasses Can Enjoy Smartphone-Based VR Gear

The people with prescription glasses can look at VR headset because almost all of them play nice with spectacles as well. Samsung's original design for the Gear VR have tried much to make this a little easier to deal the use of the focus ring, and people turned it into things that come into focus. This new Gear VR is wholly glass-friendly and applying pressure around the forehead to create enough space for glasses to sit comfortably while using the VR headset.


As Samsung VR has a host of uses and applications, this current trend is very much focused on the gaming arena. In Gear VR, the majority of apps available are related to games as EVE Gun Jack is a good example; based on the same universe as the MMO EVE Online. To aim all, an individual has to do is look around and try not to get distracted by the incredible sense of depth and striking visuals. A controller is not required when playing, but the buttons control the reloading and firing. Gun Jack is knowingly the deepest game ever, but it is the perfect advertisement for VR's potential. This is something that could not be replicated by any other traditional means.

Everything in Gear VR Happens In Oculus Store

Unlike the other Samsung accessories, where people install Samsung app and use the Samsung features, all of the content is curated by Samsung, but the Gear VR is very much based on Oculus-run show. Every application is installed and managed through the Oculus Store; along with the payment system is held by Oculus. It is big, it is beautiful, and it is all operated by Oculus.

In The End

Therefore, if you are thinking to buy Samsung Gear VR, then you can easily shop from Samsung’s authorized website and others as well. 

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