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Sunday 15 May 2016

Why Next-Gen Channel Playout Platforms Are Crucial For TV Networks

The post throws light on the significance of next-gen channel playout platforms (Level 3 Communication).

Today, when competition is so stiff in the broadcast market, TV networks are looking for an advanced playout alternative to ensure flawless broadcasting. For staying ahead in all aspects, these TV channels look for a solution that is secure, reliable, cost-effective, flexible, easy to deploy, and can meet their growing needs. 

No matter, you are looking for a channel origination, or already launched a channel, or want to upgrade the existing one to the high-definition; you will need a robust solution. It is a solution that is capable of maintaining the playout of your channel as per your content preference.
Let’s explore more about playout platforms.

Ensures Future Growth

Technologically advanced playout platforms provide future growth as they are specially developed to meet the diverse business requirements. These platforms support both live and non-live broadcasting through the cloud, IP, and OTT along with advanced functionality.

Helps Keeping Up with Time

To stay ahead of the competition in all aspects, it becomes mandatory for the TV Networks to adopt the contemporary technology. If you choose next-gen channel playout platform for your channel, it helps you to keep up with the time.

Offer Fantastic Monitoring and Controlling

Channel Origination brings several crucial responsibilities for TV Networks. That is why you need a reliable playout platform that not only ensures round the clock smooth broadcasting but also provides effective monitoring and controlling.
Now, take a glimpse at some of the features of playout platforms.

Features of Playout Platforms

  • Multi-channel playout and monitoring
  • Media asset management workflows
  • Cloud ingest and transcoding
  • Multi-format playlist integration
  • Live contribution and ad break
  • Rescue playout
  • Up to 16 subtitles (open/closed)
  • Support for external triggers
  • Up to 16 multiple audio tracks
  • Near-live asset changes
  • Customizable AsRun logs
  • Cloud-based assets pricing
  • Multisite workflows
  • Static and dynamic graphics
  • Playlist management
  • Content preparation
  • 24X7 security and monitoring
  • Content delivery, streaming distribution
  • Satellite distribution

Key Benefits of Level 3 Communication

Cost-Effective Solution for Channel Origination

Allow to launch new channels at a fraction of the cost of traditional broadcast costs and delivery models.

Easy Recovery Infrastructure

It saves upfront cost and maintenance of crucial feeds. Further, it offers secure recovery infrastructure in case of disasters.

Pop-up Channel Origination

Allows you to operate channels on a short-term basis, and suspend when you do not need them.

Supreme Support for Regional Advertising

Create content for regional ads, and broadcast it as per your preference. Further, it complies with broadcast regulations, manages content rights, and monetizes opportunities.

4K UHD Playout

It delivers UHD content over cloud without incurring the costs of high bit-rate transfer associated with traditional models.

Fantastic Transparency and Supreme Control

It allows you to take full charge of your broadcast. Additionally, it ensures excellent workflow to deliver better viewer experience.

End Note

Points mentioned above shows why playout platforms are crucial for Network TV businesses.

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