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Wednesday 22 June 2016

Cloud-Based Solutions and Its Different Deployment Models

Cloud computing is the most trending topic in Information Technology sector. Today, numerous organizations have adopted this technology to smoothen their business operations. Cloud computing advances companies perform their work smartly with the help of cloud-based solutions.

With the aid of cloud-based solutions, organization shared processing resource and data 
as per their requirements. Numerous companies today have embraced this model to share resources like networks, servers, storage, applications, and so on. Not only it made the business process easier but also ensures high security of crucial business data. Today, when competition is so stiff, organizations do not want to miss any opportunity when it comes to taking their business to the next level.

And, if you are looking for a reliable cloud-based solution, then it is important for you to understand its different types as per its deployment models. Cloud-based models can be private, public, and hybrid. Take a look at them one by one:

Private Cloud


As the name speaks for itself, private cloud is a cloud infrastructure that is operated by a single company. However, it depends whether that company manages it in-house (internally), externally, or outsourced to some other third-party service provider. Choosing a private cloud to handle it internally brings several responsibilities for organizations that can affect the overall performance of the business if proper attention is not given. Therefore, enterprises mainly prefer to outsource it to a third-party service provider.

If private cloud is set up in a right manner, it can improve business. However, challenges and risks are always present when one decides to take their business to the cloud. However, still private cloud ensures high security, safety, and little expensive too.

Public Cloud


A public cloud is a general space that can be accessed by the general public. It is basically an open network for public use and is pretty economical for business. Therefore, companies that have pretty small budget prefer this cloud-based solution. This model simply based on the pay-per-usage concept in which companies have to pay as per their usage. Further, this model can be easily deployed without any hassle. So, the companies who look to switch their business immediately often choose this mode. However, public cloud may not provide high security, and chances of getting attacked by hackers are always there. But, before choosing any cloud service provider, prepare a checklist of your requirements so that you could make a clear decision.

Hybrid Cloud


The best company for hybrid cloud solutions in India explains hybrid cloud as a mix of two or more clouds that may involve private cloud, community cloud, or public cloud. These are uniquely bound together to work for an organization but remains distinct entities. This deployment model is pretty famous among organizations who want to leverage both private and public cloud-based solutions.

Let’s make this concept little easy to understand. Consider this example, suppose an organization stores its crucial data on a private cloud application and connect that application to another application on a public cloud as a software service.

The best company for hybrid cloud solutions in India often says that hybrid cloud can take a business to the next level. This particular model offers supreme flexibility to the businesses that allow them to extend their capabilities. Further, hybrid cloud-based solutions are pretty secure, but you have to be sure while connecting one application of one cloud to the other application of other clouds.


The cloud-based solutions that are explained above will help you understand them as per their deployment models. After knowing information about different deployment models, if you want to avail hybrid cloud for your business, then choose the best company for hybrid solutions in India.

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