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Friday 17 June 2016

Dedicated Server: Why So Popular in India?

Dedicated server is a perfect solution for businesses that look for maximum control over resources. You might look for the dedicated hosting server in India that you can find over the Internet. This will offer you greater control over the installation, features, customization, and so on. 

Offer High-Speed Performance

The dedicated server hosting solution will offer you high-speed performance, speed & seamless operations and more. If you needed to create multiple websites or multiple web pages, a dedicated hosting plan would be a suitable option for your website and your requirements. There are many things you’ll get with a dedicated server plan. Some of the top benefits are as follow:

  • Server security
  • Customers will receive good technical support in case of managed servers
  • High reliability of server 
  • Full uptime guarantee
  • Options for upgrade is easily available
  • Enough bandwidth and space

Types of Dedicated Server

There are two types of dedicated server available in the market; the one is managed, and another one is the unmanaged type. In the case of managed server, the complete administration is in the hand of the service provider. And, in case if the server is unmanaged, it’s the responsibility of the user to have control of the administration tasks.

Best Choice for Business Sites & Blog Sites

It is extremely worth to have dedicated server, though their price is too high than other hosting options. Also, this is a good choice for the companies that are starting a business from the scratch, also good for the existing companies. Those are planning to start an e-commerce site or to start two-three websites altogether; it is best to go for a dedicated server. With the help of internet, you can find plenty of options in the market.

Reseller Option is Available

Undoubtedly, a dedicated server is the only choice preferred by the customer that resell or rent this server to other clients. However you can opt for other hosting options as well, but dedicated hosting comes with many features such as high speed, performance, uptime guarantee & reliability. Also, you’ll get all types of security tools with it as needed.

In the End

If you want to purchase a dedicated server without performing much of research, you can find best options on the net. Nearly all hosting providers in India offering dedicated hosting for their customers.

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