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Friday 22 July 2016

Top 4 Benefits of Geo-Targeted Advertising

Geo-targeted advertising is an amazing way to direct your advertising efforts in a specific geographical location. This type of advertising is basically crafted to target a particular market that may be located in a specific region, country or city.

Geo-targeting denotes to the practice of providing various content to the user based on their geographic locations. The main idea behind the geo-targeting is to increase the scope of your business to promote your product right. Read this article to know some benefits of geo-targeted advertising.


The process of geo-targeting is faster than traditional advertising as it is digital in nature. With the help of geo-targeting, you can easily get the real-time feedback, and all these feedbacks allow companies to upgrade the budget of an on-going campaign that is performing well.

Targeting Geographically

Targeting by geography or region assists brands to engage with diverse regional culture. Geo-targeting also helps in developing the most sophisticated testing that compares various offers or promotions in the same region. It allows retailers, brands, and QSRs to target consumers on tablets, laptops, mobile phones, based on their location. Geo-targeting is also known as regional flexibility in the CPG industry.

Match Marketing

Geo-targeting advertising allows you to run various campaigns in different geographical locations. With geo-targeting, you ads might be served all across the world, and the marketing message can vary according to the segment and audience that you approach. You can send the traffic from a geo-targeted banner to a geo-targeted landing page and a generic page through this advertising method.

Reduced Costs

Firms can send their coupons and offers through mobile based on a consumer’s location. The digital coupon also does not have the overhead expense associated with expired offers. Geo-analysis enables you to track your results and optimize campaigns based on state-specific results. With the help of this advertising, marketers can allocate more money the best-performing regions and less money to the worst-performing locations.


With the help of geo-targeting, you can advertise your products to the right audiences and can take your business to the right areas.  As discussed in the article, these are some benefits of targeted advertising.  So choose the best advertising agency who can craft effective global advertising strategy for your TV ads.

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