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Tuesday 27 December 2016

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Choose Linux Hosting

After getting your domain registered, now it is time to buy space to host your website. If it is a thing you are doing for the first time, then you may get confused in choosing between Windows and Linux server. However, choosing one between two of them entirely depends on your business requirements.

Many people say that Linux hosting is more value than window hosting. Though, this post is not intended to prove which one is the best. Rather it talks about the compelling reasons why you should choose Linux hosting in India.

Let’s take a look at the points:

Excellent Stability

As we know that the Linux is one of the popular names for to its ability to run without any failure. Many Linux users who are using this O/s for years claimed that they have never seen any crash. No wonder why small and medium sized businesses in India see Linux hosting as an ideal option for their website.

You might have heard people and experts saying that mobile is the future. For your information, Android, one of the leading mobile O/s is based on Linux kernel. So, you cannot escape from this exceptionally well operating system. It is capable of serving your customers round the clock.

Diverse Applications

If you compare Linux with other O/s, you will find that it has different applications to offer. So, one of the biggest benefits of choosing Linux hosting in India is you may hardly need any extra application to make your site run flawlessly. No surprise why smart business owners prefer this hosting.

Good Scalability

Linux is flexible and scalable. If you choose Linux hosting in India, you can scale it as per your requirements. One of the biggest advantages of using Linux is you can easily configure things as and when required. Choosing the right hosting is the most crucial decision for your business. Reason? It is something that is associated with your business performance. So, for a long run, choosing Linux hosting is not a bad idea.

Stunning Security

Security is something that remains on top of all concerns. Reason? Data is crucial to every business and active online hackers always strive to find chinks in your security system. Therefore, it is indispensable for you to choose Linux hosting in India. Well, Linux is a well-reckoned name for its exceptional security features.

Unlike other O/s, Linux has the brilliant administration as users barely get access to the root and are given lower level accounts. In short, no access to the root means things would remain safe and secure.


The points mentioned above shows why you should consider Linux hosting your business. Choose well, to grow well! 

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