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Monday 19 December 2016

How Dynamic Ad Insertion Helps You Deliver Seamless Content

Being engaged in business, you cannot overlook the significance of online marketing. However, the problem is many marketers or business owners still don’t know how to monetize their video content while the online demands are incessantly increasing.

According to an article published on tubularinsights, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be online video traffic by 2017.

It is true that TV commercials are highly effective at convincing buyers to make purchases, but what about the online audience? Potential customers online often ignore buying a product or service not because they hate ads online. The only reason is they hate being interrupted online.
Being an online user, you would agree to the fact that online ads are disruptive. No wonder the use of ad blocking software grew by 41 percent worldwide and by 48 percent in the US between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015. (Source: Wikipedia)

So the real challenge is to overcome ad blockers and deliver seamless content for providing TV-like experience. And, it can be done with the help of dynamic or server-side ad insertion, kudos to technology!

This post further unveils how dynamic ad insertion lets you deliver unbroken content.

Improves Viewer Experience

Without a doubt, dynamic ad insertion helps you improve viewer experience by allowing you to deliver video content without making them wait too long. Waiting irritates, and you know it. However, by relying on this technology, you can smartly link ad to your video before it is served to eliminate buffering. Consequently, online users will get more TV-like experience because it will give expected content without the hassle of buffering.

Allows Easy Set Up and Content Delivery

A dynamic ad insertion is effortless to build and manage. Further, it ensures your online audience will enjoy uninterrupted content without facing any crash.

Supports Personalization

No doubt Server-side ad insertion is a huge improvement over existing ad-blocking systems. Better content delivery means more engagement, less back out from viewers, and a productive relationship between advertisers, publishers, and consumers. And, this is what every brand want.  

Improves Control

Dynamic ad insertion gives broadcaster a great control over which ads they want to show during ad breaks. For instance, if you do not want to show some specific commercial with others during the same ad break, you can easily do it with the help of dynamic ad insertion.


The points mentioned above explains how dynamic ad insertion is the best bet to deliver content flawlessly. 

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