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Friday 16 December 2016

Top 10 Communication Techniques with Parents

Communication is crucial in education whether it happens between teacher and student, student and student, teacher and teacher, teacher to admin, teacher to parent, or vice versa. Without effective communication, entire education process would become a total mess.

If you are running an educational institute or a parent reading this, you would agree to the fact that without proper communication, you would never be able to identify and track the performance of children.

To overcome this situation schools try all possible way to enhance communication with parents. For this, they search for free school communication apps and follow conventional ways of communication.

Well, this post unveils 10 possible ways/techniques you can communicate with parents.
Let’s get started…

Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is very efficient at drawing the parents’’ attention. Various schools use this technique to keep parents inform whether it is about the monthly meeting, any program, or updates. However, the real challenge is to maintain and update these bulletin boards on a regular basis.   

Verbal Reminders

Being a straight form of communication, verbal reminders are one of the best ways to keep parents inform about classroom or schools events. In many schools, teacher or school staff conveys the message when parents visit the school to drop their kids in the morning and pick up in the evening. Busy parents appreciate reminders because they may not scoop out time to read the bulletin boards or notes.

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Parent teacher meeting is one of the highly used techniques to communicate with parents. In India, almost every school holds this meeting at least once in a month to have a one-to-one meeting with parents to discuss the overall performance of children.   

Over Telephone

In case you think sending notes does not work, just make a call to talk to the parents. However, while talking over the telephone, respect parents’ time especially working parents and try to keep the conversation short and quick. However, communication barrier is another crucial factor that may spoil conversation.

Dropping an Email

Emails are another effective way of communicating with parents but a bit time taking the process too! Sending an email includes composing a message, waiting for a reply, or maybe the case arises when your mail gets accidently deleted from the inbox or ignored.

Texting Over Messengers

You can try different chat messengers to communicate with parents. However, parents may find it disturbing if you try to reach them without any prior information.

Ask Child to Inform Parent

Another useful method is to use students as a communication tool. Write down notes in their notebook to communicate with parents, or you can also verbally convey your message to the students to pass it to their parents.


Ask parents to subscribe your newsletters so that they never miss a single beat and stay updated. Whenever you update any information on your website, it will be automatically sent to the subscribed parents.


You can follow the techniques as mentioned above to boost communication with parents. However, Teno is so far the best communication tool that you can use to improve not only the communication system but also education process at your institute or school.

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