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Sunday 15 January 2017

5 Crucial Tips to Implement Cloud-based Disaster Recovery for Your Business

The advent of several web-based technologies has changed the landscape of World Wide Web. Today, it is entirely different the way it used to be in earlier times. Organizations worldwide including small and mid-sized leverage technology to take their business to the next level.

According to an article published on e27, global data volume to grow 40% per year and 50 times by 2020.

Each and every online transaction carries information critical to business, and you cannot deny the fact that every organization that conducts its operations online are at risk of getting that data hacked by online hacktivists. Therefore, it is better to have a data protection and recovery plan, in the case of the occurrence of cloud-based disasters.

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions refer to the task of replicating data or entire virtual machine to the cloud. Though replication process occurs between data centers as today, various data centers have in-built disaster recovery mechanism.

What Are The Most Considerable Factors In Cloud Disaster Recovery?

From Visually.

This post further explains steps that you can follow to implement disaster recovery solution for your business. Read on!

Assess Your Requirements

To implement cloud-based disaster recovery mechanism, in the first place, assess your needs. It will help you determine the infrastructure and configuration you need to facilitate cloud-based data protection. Do not get overwhelmed with the features highlighted by disaster recovery solutions providers and keep your focus on your requirements.  

Choose a Solution Provider

After determining your requirements, choose a reliable cloud-based disaster recovery solutions provider that can fulfill your needs. Go with the one having huge satisfied clientele because it is about your business and you cannot take it casually. 

Calculate the Monthly Costs

Usually, the net payable monthly cost depends upon factors like monthly subscription fees, bandwidth usage, storage space consumed, and the number of virtual machines (VMs). Without a doubt, the cost is a decisive factor, but not as important as your business is. However, this is not the case with the companies having tight budgets. Therefore, do calculate the monthly costs. 

Create a Strategy for Bandwidth Management

Creating a plan for bandwidth management is necessary to avoid the disaster that may occur due to overburdening a website. It will help you control monthly costs and provide adequate bandwidth for backup. 

Replication of VMs

Replication is an important technique that provides image-based recovery and can mount and extract a cloud-based copy. Various organizations use this method to use the cloud for disaster recovery. 

Final Words

You can follow the points stated above to implement disaster recovery solution for your business.

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