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Wednesday 11 January 2017

Edu-Tech Scenario – Educating Through Technology

Technology is Evolving and so is Education

The world has seen a massive technological (r)evolution in the past years, and this newly introduced technology is serving as a potent tool to transform the education sector. The edification process can now be tailored to suit the needs of the diverse kinds of students out there, which was once an unimaginable task. Market is stuffed with a lot of new and interesting educational apps, helping students in making their learning easy. Digital devices such as tablets and phones offer huge amounts of resources to their bearer. Several organizations such as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Chan Zuckerburg Initiative have risen to the support of many modern ed-tech startups such as Byju’s

Some of the basic factors that are required in any educational technology trying to make its mark in the world are:
     Each student should have a profile that would keep track of their strong points, Achilles' heel, preferences, and objectives.  
     The personal objectives and goals set by a student should be used to carve a learning scenario which suits their needs perfectly.
     Students should not be judged on how much time they spend studying but on the scores and the competency in topics that they show.
     The environment in which the students are learning and comprehending the subjects should be flexible and structured in such a way that it suits them.
Technology must be used to complement these pointers and educate in manner which adds to what our teachers contribute.

Benefits of using Technology in Education

     Technology connects tutors throughout the world which gives them a platform to develop their teaching style and methodologies. The teaching practices of many tutors are getting refined due to this ease of communication.
     The amount of exposure to technology and information that students now receive at a young age equips them to develop greater research skills. The large quantity of information available gives them skills to learn at rates once-unimaginable.
     The sources offered by the internet vary greatly providing students the necessary multiple inputs leading to a rounded education.
     Face to face interface with tutors makes a massive difference for young students. As the students grow the focus shifts to providing them education that’s provided at their rate of learning.
     Students can learn better through Information Visualization Tools. Whether it’s a low tech whiteboard or a high tech 3D Visualization what matters is how the technology is used and where it’s put to use.

Content ranging from NCERT solutions to CBSE sample paper are being made available by the modern tablet learning courses. The tablets that come coupled with these courses can also help students to draw, create music, or write text increasing their creative quotient along with their intelligence quotient. The students receive immediate feedback from their tutors giving them ample time to improve their performance. The digitization of test papers also helps save paper and tutors from going insane by being buried under test sheets.

This culture of tablet learning is a fast growing one and in coming years can engage a large number of students. Byju’s provides visual educational content for students through apps and tablets and not only teaches them the course material but also moves by their pace of edification. The tablet programs offered enhances the student’s creativity and confidence of handling the subject material along and stands unrivalled by any conventional classroom methodologies.

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With a degree in Bachelors of Journalism, Bhoumik Joshi arrived into content writing via the print journalism world. In his press days, he was working extensively on investigative field assignments. Fascinated by the textual labyrinth one has to traverse through in the process of writing SEO optimized content, he started delving deeper into Digital Marketing. A music aficionado, he spends most of his free time surfing the World Wide Web for inspiration. With an experience of two years in content writing coupled with his witty penmanship, every time he types he aims to create a niche experience for his readers.

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