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Monday 9 January 2017

Top 3 Currently Relevant Mobile App Development Trends

Android Apps Development

The booming acclivity in wireless communication devices like smartphones across the globe has brought an unexpected surge in the number of a wide variety of applications that people make use of. Google Play stores whopping 2.2 million apps while the Apple App Store houses two million applications – and the count is going on in a seamless manner.
  • As per a report by comscore, mobile users have already left behind desktop users in the mid of 2014.
  • Gartner gives prediction that around 268 billion downloads are going to generate revenue of $77 billion in the year 2017.
Here are some significant trends both in iPhone and Android Apps Development to look out for in 2017-

1. Location-based services to go forward with dominance 

With the easier availability and the growing use of GPS on each and every device these days, location-based services which are abbreviated as (LBS) will start evolving more while giving smartphone users real-time-deal based or other crucial pieces of information on their whereabouts. Several other pivotal areas where location-based services can be implemented include-
  • Retail offers
  • Security features
  • Indoor mapping
  • Location-specific payment portals
  • Navigation
  • Travel and tourism and many more!

2. Augmented Reality (AR) integration into high utility apps

Applications that make use of Augmented Reality (AR) are always viewed as a little bit gimmicky for achieving promotional purposes. But over time, a large number of such apps have initiated putting Augmented Reality (AR) to more useful actions and tasks as well. With the add-on of wearables into the scenario, AR tools can be implemented more effectively and productively than any other time in the past.

3. Android Instant Apps – one of the commonest trends to remain popular 

The global search engine giant Google has recently announced its Instant Apps feature which claims to deliver what it exactly promises, empowering Android applications to run instantly and smoothly. Such applications do not require any downloading or installation process and very easily can be run just through a single tap. This incredible “run-only-as-you-need” concept in Android Apps Development is going to change the application industry in entirety.
The Conclusive Remark-
On the whole, it is true that nothing remains constant in the technological domains but change. It is quite imperative for designers and developers around the globe to keep pace with time embracing each and every change that comes their way. The above-mentioned 3 trends are an inseparable part of the game.

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