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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Importance of Sales Director – Roles & Responsibilities

Sales directors, are high-level executives whose roles in company are very important. Let us get to know what the roles and responsibilities are associated with the position of sales director.
A sales director is a team leader who holds responsibility of managing group of sales managers to dispense their work effectively. They play a high-level role in a company who plans international sales plans and propose those plans to the board of directors or CEO of the company. Besides, sales director also supervise regional sales managers so that they lead their team successfully.

Let us get to know various essentials that are associated with the position of a sales director.

Essential qualities needed for sales director vacancies 

 The role of sales director involves high level of trend analysis, capability to monitor the current market trends. Therefore, s/he must be possessed with strong manipulating skills and well-developed sense for business. An efficient sales director must by well informed about the market for which s/he works and so should be able to foresee the future shifts in the marketplace on every level. Besides, the job position also demands a developed interpersonal skills as sales directors are leaders of a large sales team. They must be able to recognize the best talent for the organization. Apart from these skills, s/he must be able to build a trustworthy relationship with his/her team and motivate open communication between branches and employees.

Qualification for a sales director role

For the director level in the field of sales, the candidate must own bachelors or masters degrees and should have acquired advanced professional certifications in their fields. The world of sales depends on results. Therefore, the director in this sector earns the position by starting as an excellent salesperson. They are first promoted to sales managers, and after doing good work, they earn  the position of director.

Responsibilities of a sales director


A sales director holds the ultimate responsibility for sales within a company. If the sales of the company is decreasing, sales director is answerable to the organization as well as shareholders. S/he should be constantly well informed about the performance of company’s sales from initial years till current date.


Sales director is responsible for setting a strategy where the company foresees itself in future. The strategy also involves the way to get there and several other factors like pricing, costs, market demand, new products, competitive companies that can influence the sales and factors that can affect the strategy. Sales director holds every responsibility to face every challenge which will come in the execution of this strategy.

Budget management

Director is always given a set budget to achieve certain level of sales. It is the liability of the director that the department sticks to the set budget and achieve the target. It influences a lot of things in the department like salaries, commission rates, and other expenses.

Team management

A good sales team needs to be motivated by their leaders in order to achieve the set sales targets. It is the sales director who leads his/her team and motivate them to achieve those targets.


The recruitment of regional and area managers (who report directly to sales manager) depends on him/her. Therefore, s/he should have experience for recruitment and conducting interviews. Moreover, s/he is also responsible for the approval of the recruitment of other sales staffs.
Apart from these liabilities, a sales director develops business for the company. S/he establish network at higher level for this and communicate with a number of clients, staffs, stakeholders, directors, suppliers and so on. 

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