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Monday 25 September 2017

What You Really Need to Know About a MPLS Network Infrastructure

Do you have your office at a remote location? Are you facing the problem of poor network management system? If so, you should adopt MPLS technology. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a type of technology that enables you to establish a reliable, secure and robust network, irrespective of where your business is established. 

Today, Indian post offices and thousands of other businesses have incorporated MPLS and VPN (virtual private network). Its broad reach has attracted almost every business. It is the right approach in case you want to connect your remotely-located- offices or want to establish a new office at the outskirts of urban areas.

Let’s have a quick look at MPLS network infrastructure and its benefits.

Service Options Available at MPLS network Infrastructure Service Providers

Every private VPN service to businesses across India is focused on regular and mission-critical traffic. The routing domain is virtualized for every different individual customer. It enables you to continue using your IP addressing scheme without fear of any online threat. The highly cost-effective MPLS network infrastructure solutions are designed to support data, voice, and video traffic. Usually, the MPLS site connection options include Classes of service (3), IP, MPLS Point-to-Point on Layer 2, MPLS Point-to-Multipoint on Layer 3, TDM to IP, and Ethernet over MPLS.

Benefits of MPLS Network Infrastructure

Reduce use of Equipment

The MPLS network infrastructure helps you run a single broadband network, which further enables you to get support for your mission-critical operations and business traffic, which include legacy and new high-bandwidth IP-based applications. You will get constant support for your existing applications while evolving the next-generation IP network equipment and increasing the flexibility to try new applications as well as reducing the investment risk.

Improved performance 

Because MPLS technology lets you enjoy any-to-any nature services, it can reduce the number of equipment required for establishing network management systems. This innovative tool translates directly to improved application performance and increased response time.

Enhanced Security

Security is another factor companies are moving to MPLS network infrastructure. The said infrastructure ensures to establish enhanced security with restricted access to employees. Most MPLS network providers provide their clients with a separate virtual routing domain that enables them to isolate the company’s communications and data.

Futureproofing the network 

Many reputed companies consider MPLS “the wave of the future.” Enterprises are no longer willing to invest in legacy WAN services (ATM, frame). They have pretty much come to a halt. Several studies have found that today’s companies don’t have planned to invest in frame services. This is because; most of them are migrating to MPLS for the purpose of avoiding being left behind. 

Disaster recovery 

If you are an MPLS based enterprise, it means you can improve disaster recovery in many ways. To be precise, you are able to connect data centers and other key sites in a variety of redundant ways to the cloud. Your remote sites can easily and quickly reconnect to backup locations if required, unlike traditional ATM and frame networks. This is another factor why many businesses are opting for MPLS approach.

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MPLS is a key innovation. It can save you enormous amounts on your network prices. Your priority should be to look out for a reliable provider of MPLS network service to enjoy the benefits of an MPLS infrastructure, choose one that can answer your questions and resolve many critical issues related to MPLS infrastructure.

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