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Monday 30 October 2017

Why Should You Go For Linux Reseller Hosting?

Web hosting is a must for all kind of websites. There are many hosting companies that offer the service at very competitive prices. Mainly there are three kind of webhosting viz. shared hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting. Prices for these hosting vary:

Understanding Reseller Hosting

In this kind of hosting the web host buys bulk plan from the hosting company. It then divides the bulk plan into the smaller part and then sells these plans to the individual users. The resellers can sell space and bandwidth from a rented server. Main advantages of this kind of hosting are affordability, flexibility, and reliability.

So Is This Hosting The Right Way To Move Ahead?

Most of the first time website owners prefer to save money while hosting so there is growing need for cheap reseller hosting. But when the price of the hosting plan comes down, with it comes down the services that are provided. Hence it very much desired to look into various other services that are offered by the hosting service provider.

Key Benefits of Going for Reseller Hosting

The foremost reason of going for reseller hosting is that doesn’t require too much of money at the start. Hence those companies who have low budget can start their web presence with such hosting. The prices of the disk space and the bandwidth under the reseller hosting are very low. When it comes to maintenance, it is also low priced and the technical troubleshooting is done by the parent web hosting company.

Linux Reseller Hosting

These days Linux reseller hosting is very much in demand. It is very much the same as other kind of hosting in which the account owner is allowed to split up the account disk space and bandwidth for reselling. Some plans offer more feature with no maintenance costs and a dedicated server. With this plan you can manage all the aspects of your website with ease and better control. You have the control over the disk space usage and the bandwidth. Most of the resellers offer standard as well as the premium plans in which you can select from shared hosting plans to dedicated server plans. As per the need of your website traffic you can get desirable disc space or bandwidth.

Benefits of Linux Hosting

  • Cheap: This hosting is cheaper than the dedicated server so when you go for this hosting you can get the luxury of reseller hosting at a negligible prices.
  • Profitable: Another advantage of Linux reseller hosting is that you can sell the unused space by reselling the same on your website.
  • Maintenance Free: There is hardly any maintenance that you might have to pay as you can always benefit from the technical services offer by the reseller.

In The End

With so many benefits Linux reseller hosting is good for the startups who can save a lot with it.

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