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Friday 24 November 2017

Benefits of Student Lifecycle Management System Probably You Don’t know

No doubt, the education environment has become more competitive and complex. Universities, colleges, and schools need to ensure they are well-equipped with today’s technologies and a reliable data management process in place. They should be committed to using the information in order to target the right students for the right programs and support those from prospect through job placement. In addition, parents should be aware of their children performance in schools, know progress reports, complain to schools easily, pay school fee, etc. 

Everything should be easier and hassle-free as parents don’t have time enough to visit a school or college for every small work. Keeping these things in mind, we have gathered depth of information about one of the best tools used by many schools and colleges that help them accomplish many tasks online without any hassle. The tool is known as student lifecycle management system. Read this blog post if you want to know more about it, as we are going to discuss the benefits of student lifecycle management system in it.

Student lifecycle management system 

It’s really great that every person be it administrator, student, teacher, parent is now able to get connected to an institution. And this has been possible because of student lifecycle management system. With such a tool in hand, everyone is able to get current information relevant to them. Not only that, it also helps streamline admiration, make it easy for educators to publish course material, curricula, assignment, news, tests, special events and much more.

With the help of this tool, students are able to connect with their teacher thorough virtual classrooms. Besides, all users can have access to get the relevant information through customer dashboards with permission-based security. Only the authorized user can easily access all data stored in the application. Moreover, this management system has features to convert the data into reports and graphs, providing insights into institutions’ operations.

Let’s have a look how the application is beneficial for teacher, student, parent, administrator, principal, CEO and Trustee.


By using this application, teachers can provide everything to students, ranging from curricula and content management, know the attendance to document management, put timetables live, provide report cards to parents and much more. 


Apart teachers, students are able to know about their homework, create class groups to discuss important classroom studies, put important questions to get answers from teachers or other students, get their progress reports, contact school alumni, as well as perform many other activities that help them enhance their knowledge. 


The mobile-based tool is not only beneficial for teachers and students, but parents as well. The application allows parents to contact other parents, have a group meeting, know about school news, know details about homework assigned to their children, access progress reports, pay school fee, and know the balance, etc.


The admin department such as accounting and finance and HR management can also get benefits of the tool. They are able to handle every task such as prepare payroll, manage leave, keep details of registration and admission and handle institute and alumni management.

CEO or Principal

Student lifecycle management system also enables principal to prepare budget, forecast expenditure, prepare and examine academic performance reports, view student and staff attendance, access to student records, etc. Apart from principal, the CEO can also perform many activities such as forecasting, budgeting, view admissions; know collections, expenders, and performance.

To conclude, student lifecycle management system seems to be one of the most effective tools every school and college should implement. To implement the system, schools or colleges can approach IT experts online and innovate the way they manage their works.

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