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Wednesday 24 January 2018

6 Important Things to Consider Before Choosing a Web Host

Countless websites struggle hard to create an effective online presence. However, a bad host can have negative effects on search rankings. Choosing a bad host can lead to end up wasting your money and other resources. In addition, it may also negatively impact your online authority in a longer run.

So, before you start your search for the best WordPress hosting, or a good web hosting provider, here are a few things to be aware of.


Never fall prey to the lowest price. Most newbies keep the price at the top of the list while choosing a webhosting provider. However, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor, especially if you rely on making money through your site. Important things like quality hardware and support services cost money. First, take a look at the features, and then compare prices.

Tech limitations

It greatly depends on the type of your website, like blog, e-commerce site, rich content, or videos. A cheap hosting plan will not probably have RAM, processing power, disk space to fulfill your needs and you will end up spending more time with loading issues and downtime.

If you are getting cheap host, look for the features included in the cost, like additional domains, support, backups, etc.

Customer support

For some people, it will be the biggest feature while choosing a web host. Things may go wrong anytime, and you need assistance to fix it. Go through the reputation of the customer support of the web hosting provider. See different ways you can contact to, like emails, toll-free number, chat, etc. Do they provide 24/7 support? Or do they outsource support?

All hosts are not equal; some differ in price, some in technical specifications and some in their support crew. Make sure that they are always available to help you.


What makes your web hosting company special? Do they have multiple data center, regular data backups, free domain privacy, or energy saving practices? Hosting companies offer more than just servers. If you get something you find important, it is a good indicator that you should go with the company.

Control panel

Even if you are a layman and the least tech-savvy person in the world, you should be able to do a few things without the help of your web hosting company, like setting up email, installing WordPress, setting up FTP accounts. However, your web hosting provider can make things easier by providing cPanel or Plesk for updates and modification.

Room to grow

There are multiple plans a hosting provider offer. You may be choosing the basic plan, but there should be a scope of shifting your plans in the future with your web hosting provider. In other words, what you consider the right hosting plan may not fulfill your need in the future when your business grows. In that case, your web hosting provider should be capable of assisting your growth.

Transferring from one host to another takes time and effort. So, do some research, get opinions and them make an informed decision.

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