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Tuesday 12 April 2016

Reasons Why Dedicated Server is a Best Choice in India

Dedicated servers are exclusively designed for internet marketers and organizations those don’t want to share server space with other users. So, the complete ownership of the server will be given to a sole owner, means that person or organization can use the operating system of their choice, and get full usage of the hard disk space and bandwidth.

Dedicated Server Offers a Number of Advantages for the Users located in India, such as:

Give you Complete Control of Server Resources

  • Much Needed in the Indian Web Market
Unlike the other hosting servers, a dedicated hosting server provides full access to the storage space, processor, and other features to one party. According to that the complete server, storage drive, memory, processing speed, and bandwidth can be utilized as per the individual need.  On the other hand, on a shared server you have to share resources with different users that may disturb the performance.

Highest Security Standards

  • Hacking & Online Data Theft Activities are Quite Common in India
When it’s about dedicated server, security has always been among the top reasons for which users prefer to choose dedicated server over other hosting types.  It is because a dedicated server is leased to one party only and they’ll be given a complete privilege of setting up the security features (SSL Certification) as they want. In a similar way, there is no chance of breach of security or data theft as the server data is secured with high-security protocols.

Allow you to Enjoy More Customization

  • Add or Remove Applications on your Website
With a dedicated hosting server, you’ll get the access permissions to everything concerned with the server configuration, web security, hardware resources, and more customizations. It offers a great comfort to the business users’ to access a certain number of network protocols that can help the business to meet its unique requirement. The server resources can also be changed easily without any alterations with the plan structure.

Price of Dedicated Hosting is a Bit Higher

  • Offer Maximum Benefits to its Users
A dedicated server offers everything that you wanted to own, as its server offers optimum performance along with no maintenance hassles. But, you need to pay to the hosting service provider for the selected service that you pick; still you can escape the hefty maintenance amount. Even, you can save money on the expense of the software configuration & installation. Hence, choosing a dedicated hosting server will give you a number of benefits and support your pocket.

Summing Up

From the security aspect to performance, dedicated servers offers the optimum solution to its clients. 


  1. Thanks for sharing great post.. Once you have a dedicated server you can fix the cPanel on your own and to your penchant. This will make it stretchier and you get to personalize it, putting your own symbol and appending other attributes.

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