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Tuesday 24 January 2017

What Makes A TV Ad Impactful?

Every day we come across multiple TV ads. However, how many of them make a long-lasting impact on our memory? Perhaps only a few. Have you ever tried to find out the reasons for which our minds keep remembering a particular ad? In this write-up, we will try to find out.

From years, great TV ads in India are being produced. Many of these left a notable mark on our memory, be the reason is their appealing characters, jingles or their honest delineation of Indian life. Some told stories, some stole a slice of Indian life and some forced us to think. They not only became part of TV but also a part of our lives.

Let us explore the reasons which make an advertisement popular, catchy, memorable and effective.

Deliberate choice of words

A business chooses the words very carefully as well as cleverly to always showcase the good features of the products. When a company makes promises through a celebrity, it may be very different in real life. However, the ad is kept so short, attractive and entertaining that viewers don’t get time to analyze the potential disparity. For example, a popular TV ad in India about cars shows the joy of riding on a deserted and smooth road. However, in real life, the consumer has to face traffic at several points of roadway, and this may kill that joy of riding car. This point may not come in consumer’s mind while watching the ad and there are chances s/he may fell prey to this tactics.

Slogans and jingles

Slogans and jingles are the soul of an ad that keeps them alive for a long time in our memory. Sometimes the slogans are so catchy and appealing to mass that they remain alive for decades. For example, the popular phrase of Pepsi – Yeh dil mange more, thanda matlab coca cola, or humara Bajaj became a part of our day to day speaking. In this series, who can forget the famous line of dairy milk – khane k baad kuch meetha ho jaye or Amul – the taste of India. Peopled by some of the top celebrities of Bollywood, these ads became long lasting for decades due to their slogans.


Humor is definitely one thing that makes a commercial unforgettable. At present, when viewer holds power to quickly pass the ad with just a single button, humor is one of the strongest tools that can stop him/her from doing so. Humor makes the ad compelling enough so that the viewer watches the entire ad. For example the ads of Fevicol; even they are unrealistic but are always kept so funny that the audience enjoys every bit of the ad and want to watch it again and again. Some of such TV ads in India became so popular that their videos are viewed even today like the well-known commercial of Camlin permanent markers and virgin mobile.

Association with the people

The main motto of an ad is to disseminate the brand name and product. It can’t be done until and unless the viewer doesn’t build an association with the character or situation depicted in the ad. Many ads are deliberately prepared in such a way that viewers can relate the most precious memories, stories, situation, dilemmas shown. Some of the ads skillfully show one of the most prominent features of being Indian or sounding India. And it makes the ad even more attractive, for example when Surf Excel tells that daag ache hain.

Now you must have got the underlying ideas that resulted some of the most memorable ads in Indian television. 

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