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Monday 23 January 2017

Get Answers of the Most Asked Questions about OTT Platforms

OTT is that revolutionary word in the world of entertainment that is used for the delivery of film and TV content through third party services. The word OTT stands for over-the-top where users don’t require subscribing a traditional cable or satellite pay TV services.

Here are answers of some frequently asked questions about OTT platforms.

How does OTT platform operate?

While designing the OTT services, consumers are kept in center. With several cost-saving features (for example, worldwide calling and texting) are offered for either free or comparatively lower rates than those offered by mobile carriers. OTT services are usually accessed through apps which can be easily downloaded on user’s smartphones, tablets or laptops. Most of the apps can be downloaded for free, while some have a cost associated with them. Pricing and availability of these apps may vary by location.

What are the biggest benefits of using OTT communication apps?

Free and affordable calling and texting

The most successful venture of OTT is VoIP. Among numerous of its advantages, the most significant is allowing communicators to save a lot of money both on local as well as international calls and on text messages. At present, we can avail services that allow users to use the network for making free calls and send text messages. All these have become possible as a result of OTT platforms.

Internet TV

We all are aware of the success of Netflix that have millions of subscribed users. It all has become possible due to internet TV which can be easily accessed on the smartphones, tabs or laptops of users. It allows legal distribution of videos and TV content over internet. Videos based on OTT services can be accessed online and that too free of cost. For example, YouTube that is constantly streamed with video contents and holds largest number of users all over the world.

What is difference between OTT and OVP?

OTT means over the top which denotes access to video over the internet. An OVP stands for online video platform which provides complete infrastructure required to support an online streaming service like transcoding, metadata, billing, server infrastructure, client application, etc. An OVP is used to send OTT videos.

What are essential elements for OTT solution?

For a complete OTT solution there should be following elements:
  • Allowing upload from multiple sources like device, server, URL, etc.
  • Transcoding into multiple qualities as well as formats compatible to various devices
  • Video management features like categorization, custom thumbnails, and tagging should be provided
  • Top tier server for streaming videos for viewers all across the world
  • For peak requirements, auto scaling should also be available
  • Secure streaming technology to prevent the piracy of the content
  • To measure the interest and experience of viewer, analytics should be provided
  • To stream the content custom multi-bitrate player

Is OTT a threat to cable companies?

It cannot be directly acknowledged because OTT apps and services are delivered over the Internet and users need a broadband connection for which they usually access cable providers. So, in any case users need them. The growth of OTT is promising. Still, traditional distributors will continue to play major role in the growth of OTT because they hold expertise in areas like sales, marketing, customer management which TV networks don’t have.

How pay-Tv operators are responding to OTT videos?

Pay TV operators have taken a different approach to combat the situation, and the biggest example of this is Dish’s Sling TV. It is a sole streaming service available for sale which doesn’t require a Dish subscription.

These answers have surely given you an outline about OTT, and OTT platforms. 

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