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Thursday 13 April 2017

5 Ways to Bring Happiness to Your Life

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. – Charles Spurgeon
Most of us spend their lives waiting for happiness. They carry the idea that as soon as they will enter a good relationship or found a great job, happiness will come rushing to them. But, unfortunately, they are misinformed. Happiness is not something that can be earned. It just happens. In fact, happiness lies within. True happiness doesn’t come from status, power, wealth or any external factor, it generates from within, our state of mind, our soul.
Here are some ways which may help you finding the real happiness.

Never depend on others

Don’t depend on other people to make you happy. This idea will only leave you endlessly disappointed. The reason most people are unhappy is expectation.’ They have high expectation from their life, destiny, and other peoples. Think about it – are you at the mercy of others to become satisfied? Can you outsource the task of being happy? If no, how can you blame other people for your unhappiness? Take responsibility for your happiness and understand your self-worth.

Nurture your spiritual part

The spiritual part within you helps to connect to your soul. Life becomes more natural and easier when you align with your soul. You will feel a greater sense of freedom, content, and inner peace. By nurturing on the spiritual side, it also becomes easy to find safety and strength within us. To get in touch with your soul, spend some time with nature, travel and give time to yourself. We have forgotten the role of holy books and religious scriptures in our life. Have you ever bothered if there are any ‘community churches near me’? Spend some time with holy books, prayers and churches. You will feel comfort within yourself. 


Triumph over jealousy

Jealousy is the most destructive human qualities that give rise to several other bad feelings like fear, anger, and depression. Overcoming the green monster will help you carb a series of stressful emotions. Throughout your lifetime, you will come across a number of people having good fortune, a huge rise, fantastic job and several such factors that may make you envious. But, no good can come from feeling jealous of someone else have. Jealousy only hurts you, make you bitter. To conquer the green eyed monster, focus on what qualities you have. There are many things which make you better than others.

Be grateful

There is a saying – Happiness never comes to those who don’t appreciate what they already have. Happiness is not something what you want, but recognizing what you have. Majority of minds have been trained to look for what’s wrong in our lives. We never spend time in thinking what is right. We keep yearning for better fortune, a better job, better bank balance, better relationship and so on. We need to alter our mindset and focus on things to be grateful for.

Make changes

There are two kinds of things in our life – things you can (must!) change and certain things you can never change. You have a miserable job, you are facing a terrible relationship, you hate your friends, you want to lose weight…. you can do something about it. Go beyond your limits, and you will feel good about it. You are living a life once, so take steps for what you want. However, there are certain things; you can’t change; let them go instead of wasting your time and energy thinking about it.
The bottom line is – happiness is within you, all around you. You only need to put on the right lenses to find it.

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