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Friday 14 April 2017

Why Do You Need a Private Cloud?

Over the years, private cloud has created a lot of buzz across all the industries worldwide. However, many organizations still can’t spot the difference between private cloud and public cloud due to the lack of awareness.

Many small companies live under the impression that private cloud is meant for big organizations. It is time to wake up! Private cloud is beneficial to even small organizations.

Let’s sort it out by understanding public cloud vs private cloud.

Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud

Talking about public cloud, it is available for everyone; irrespective of the fact the customer is an individual or an organization. While on the other hand, private cloud is dedicated to only one customer. Further, a private cloud can be located in customer’s data center and also hosted in a service provider’s data center.

So, it is up to you whether you choose public cloud or private cloud. To spot the difference better, check out 5 things to consider when weighing public cloud against private cloud.

Below video will give you idea about public, private & hybrid cloud:

Why Private Cloud?

It is unfortunate for various organizations that they cannot make full utilization of public cloud due to security issues and bandwidth limitations. So if you choose public cloud, you do not get value for what your pay. Though it does not mean public cloud is not right, but certainly it is not for the business that plans to grow.

However, if you choose private cloud, you get several benefits. Let’s check out them, one by one:

Better Security and Privacy

One big reason to go with private cloud is security and privacy. Private cloud protects your crucial data and ensures safe business operations, out of the reach of prying eyes.

Better Control

Unlike a public cloud, you will get better control when you choose the private cloud. You will be the master of your resources because you can configure and manage things as per your requirements. 

Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient

Private cloud is cost-effective if we compare it from the perspective of public cloud in which you was not utilizing for what you paid. However, it is not the case with a private cloud; you get value for the money you pay. Further, it is a cloud solution, so it reduces your carbon footprint too. 

More Trustworthy

With the help of virtualized operating environments, the private cloud makes your network more resilient to individual failures across the physical network infrastructure.


Using the private cloud, without a doubt, not only improves your workflow but also gives you the competitive advantage.

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