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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Compelling Reasons to Embrace Cloud Server Hosting

Over the years, cloud computing has attained huge limelight around the world. It is the outcome of the constant innovations in web-based technologies. However, when it comes to picking a web hosting plan, it is an overwhelming process, especially for people who do not know enough about hosting a website.

No issues! Cloud server hosting is one of the viable solutions for the organizations of all sizes, which do not want to settle for low security and performance. In simple words, the cloud server is nothing but the virtual servers which run on cloud computing environment.

Talking about cloud server hosting, it is not shared with anyone and is your personal hosting environment. The best thing about cloud server hosting is it is the incredibly powerful hosting solution at a surprisingly affordable price.

This post further reveals reasons for embracing cloud server hosting. Read on!

Enhanced Security

In cloud server hosting, you get dedicated hardware, which means better security as you are the only one who will be using your hardware. The best part of the private cloud is you know where your server is located and proper physical and network security is in the place. Further, you can discuss with your service provider to further increase the security level. 

Increased Flexibility

One big benefit of cloud server hosting is you get fantastic control over your hosting environment. You can simply spin up and tear down your server within few minutes depending upon your requirements. So it offers extreme flexibility that let you control things when you want.

Maximized Resource Utilization with Great Management

Cloud server hosting ensures maximum resource utilization. Further, with proper resource management tools installed on your server, you can manage the created copies of your server effortlessly. Using management tools, you can automatically allocate resources to the created copies of your servers to have them up and running or turn off unused ones during low usage.

Improved Disaster Protection

As we know, data is everything for business, so protecting it against disasters is imperative. With cloud server hosting, you no need to bother about protection against disasters. It lets you perform SAN to SAN replication to protect your crucial data. Further, it ensures full recovery in minimum time.

Assured Savings on Money and Time

Going with cloud server hosting is a smart move because it not only provides great benefits of virtualization and security but is also cost-effective and hassle-free. So it saves both valuable time and money.

Closing Point

Use cloud server hosting if you want to have a cost-effective yet powerful hosting solution.

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