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Monday 3 April 2017

Top 7 Qualities of a Successful Teacher

The saying goes, “teaching is a profession that creates all professions.” So the role of teachers is crucial because they are the ones who shape the character and future of children.
This post highlights top 7 qualities of a successful teacher. Read on!


A good teacher should be congenial and friendly to his/her students. If teachers are friendly, students would never hesitate in sharing their problems with them. Gone are the days when a teacher used to enter classroom just to deliver their lecture. Over the years, the roles of teachers have evolved, and they work closely with their students to create a good learning environment.

Pleasing yet Influential Personality

Teachers should have pleasing yet influential personality. Pleasing from appearance and influential to be effective at shaping the overall character of the kids. Personality always plays a crucial part when it comes to grabbing the attention of the students. For instance, a teacher wearing a smile on his/her face can attract students which lead to better communication.

In-depth Knowledge

It is crucial because it defines your job! Apart from friendly attitude and pleasing personality, a teacher should be a subject specialist. Just imagine what if a teacher cannot answer the questions of the students; it will make students lose trust from their teacher. So having an in-depth knowledge is paramount.

Impeccable Communication

The role of communication in teaching is critical whether it happens inside the classroom between teachers and students or outside between teachers and parents. A teacher must possess excellent communication skills and understand the importance of making parents involved for the better development of kids. Parents can be reached through free communication app for teachers like Teno.

Good Listener

A teacher should be a good listener too! It describes the patience of a teacher. In the teaching profession, teachers often have to face angry parents complaining about the poor performance of their kids. So it is necessary for them to be a good listener.


A good teacher should be kind to weak students. He/she should be gentle and supportive to the students with low IQs so that they could engage them efficiently during classroom sessions.

Good Sense of Humor

Teaching with the serious mood all the time may bore your students. Therefore, a teacher should have a good sense of humor. It helps teacher build rapport with students. However, make sure the jokes you crack in the classroom should make sense.

Over to You

The points as described above are the qualities of a successful teacher. 

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