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Friday 23 June 2017

4 Key Benefits of VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting has become immensely popular. With the increasing acceptance of the virtualization technologies, the trend is bound to gain ground. There are many key advantages of the VPS hosting. Let’s see how organizations stand to benefit from them:

More Stability & Reliability       

Shared web hosting will cease to exist. The rapid growth in this segment has overcrowded the servers of the web hosting companies. It has led to a situation where there are thousands of customers present on the same web server. The reliability of such service providers has come under scrutiny.

The shared server hosting in this way can impact the website’s uptime and the performance. Just imagine that your site is hosted on a server where another site is undergoing testing. Won’t it affect your site? You need to ask yourself these questions even before you go for it.

Better Control

When you are hosting a VPS package, you get the complete root access to the server. If you want to install a custom software package, you can do it easily in the virtualized environment without ever needing the hosting provider support. In the case of shared web servers, it is not possible as they are not meant to extend this kind of service to the customers. When you have your virtual environment, it is helpful.

More Environment-Friendly

When you use dedicated server hosting, the entire server is meant to serve your purpose, and the consumption of the power is made by you only. With the utilization of the VPS hosting, the whole dedicated server is divided into multiple complete computing environments that are used by different customers. In this way, the same physical server is used by many people. These technologies reduce the carbon footprint and also minimize the amount of scrap that will generate out of defunct servers.

Scalability Is Not An Issue

Those websites who have reached stability don’t have many spikes in the traffic they receive. Scalability is not much of a matter for them. But what about the websites which have been started recently, and will be growing rapidly shortly.  For all such websites, the ability to scale the hosting resources without any downtime or technical issues is crucial.

In VPS hosting your site is hosted on a virtual server which has been allocated some computing resources. The great thing about the virtual servers is that they can be allocated more resources quickly without having many issues.  For instance, if you want to increase the storage when you are expecting a traffic surge, you can do it with a click of a button. In the case of dedicated hosting, the up gradation of ram or the storage would have involved physical installation, and that resulted in downtime and lost traffic.

In the end, virtual private server hosting is also cost-effective than rest others, so it is good to go for a service that will suffice the purpose for a long time to come.

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