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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Why Should You Use A Collaboration App?

Collaboration apps help project managers and teams communicate, collaborate, and remain productive. They can make operations efficient and improve deliverables. Here is why you should use a team collaboration app:

Better Communication

There are so many ways you can communicate with team members, which raises the question, “Why do you even need a team collaboration app?”. The answer lies in the difference between organized communication and the absence of it.  A real-time team messaging app can bridge the gap between team members, allowing them to participate in group communication with ease.

Some apps sport features that allow teams to channelize communication. A public channel can be accessed by any member on your team. These are searchable and discoverable right from within the app, allowing members to join at the click of a button. A private channel, as the name suggests, maintains some degree of confidentiality and are invite-only. You have the option to restrict access to that channel.

While voice calls are a standard functionality with most communication apps, team collaboration apps allow you to make 1-1 and group audio and video calls as well. Video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities make these apps even more appealing and useful in a work team environment.

Meeting Timelines

These are critical for successful completion of any project. In the absence of a team communication app, you may have to rely on emails which create some amount of latency. A team collaboration app allows you to bring your team together. It increases focus and helps in better delegation and improved deliveries by being project-centric. The app allows for easy file sharing between the team members.

In most cases, your team may have to work on a common file that needs to be shared constantly amongst team members. Emails and other tools aren’t the best when it comes to collaboration with common files. This is where the file sharing feature of the app makes it very efficient. It allows users to share files almost instantaneously for team members to work on. All these functionalities help in better and efficient teamwork enabling your team to meet project timelines.

Reduced Work-Stress 

Team collaboration apps also allow you to integrate other productivity apps you may use thereby creating an environment in which you can deliver projects more efficiently. Not just this, the app takes care of all conversations across channels, making it easy to find anything related to your projects. You can search for messages, files, and links, no matter who shared it and when.


Thus a team collaboration app is handy for project management and otherwise as well. They can make your team focused and productive. 

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