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Thursday 10 August 2017

Key Features of a Good Web Hosting Service Provider

If you are looking for website hosting services, there are some which are must have. In the post, we’ll list the most important ones.


It may be one of the key features, and you may be thinking how much data you can store. Most of the web-hosting companies provide storage in gigabytes for all kind of websites. There are hosting providers who claim to provide unlimited storage. You must see the finer details to see if there are any hidden conditions.


In web hosting the next important factor after storage is bandwidth. So what is it? It is the amount of data that the host will allow you to upload and download in a given month. If your website is of 1Mb and the monthly bandwidth is 100 Mb, and you have uploaded the site. It means that you can have consumed 1 Mb data. If any visitor comes and views the entire website, he would have consumed 1 Mb bandwidth, so you’ll be left with 98 Mb bandwidth. It means that the host will only allow visitors to the extent of the bandwidth. Well, you don’t have to worry; most of the websites hosting service providers are providing the unlimited bandwidth.

Domains And Subdomains

Once you have put one website in place, there is a possibility that you may end up needing a second one and may be a third one sooner. Can you manage each site from its hosting account? To overcome this challenge, some hosting service providers will allow you to manage many sites from one domain. There may be a section in the admin panel for adding the domains. You can manage the sub-domains in the same way.

Email Accounts

Many hosting service providers will offer mail accounts for your domain. You may be interested in the number of the mail accounts they may allow you to set up. You may also want to know how they are providing the mail access. Is it a webmail? Is your hosting provider integrates with Google Apps? Can you get mail to your client that you need i.e. IMAP or POP?

Support For Database

Most of the websites these days provide a database at the weekend. You might want to know which the kind of database they may be providing is. MySQL is a very common choice. But if you need something else, you need to clarify with the service provider.

Supported Frameworks & Languages

Many hosts offer support for popular frameworks, blogging systems, CMSes. Some also provide support for PHP, ASP.Net, Python & more.

Technical Support

You might need technical support as well. Some hosts provide round the clock support over chat and email. You’ll have to see the kind of support provided.

Wrapping Up

You can get other features with a website hosting service provider but these are some of the important ones, and you must look for then going for website hosting

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