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Friday 18 August 2017

Why Should Your Company Use Enterprise Chat App?

Internal communication within an organization plays complex roles. Therefore, they should be efficient as well as transparent from top to bottom as well as between departments. Enterprise chat apps have made team communication instant, meaningful and effective. The best part - there are plenty of options for organizations to streamline their teams’ communication.

Here we tell you why you should use an enterprise chat app?

Open communication channels

Business chat apps are excellent tools to improve vertical and horizontal communication channels within a company. They enable instant conversations within teams, departments, management, and employees. This type of network is near impossible to achieve through emails alone, which easily bury important information when turned into mail trail. With key features like video chat, group chat and instant messages, business chat apps cut down inbox clutter.

Improve efficiency

Business chat apps offer companies a central platform that serves numerous purposes, like instant messaging, organizing projects, sharing and editing documents. Working in a transparent communication channel helps manage projects and reduce turnaround time caused by unnecessary emails and meetings. When all information is stored in one place, employees don’t need to ask their colleagues about the current status reports or any information about the past or ongoing projects. It is all in one place.

Develop teamwork

Bringing teams together on one communication network helps organizations improve teamwork. It also offers effective channels for sharing announcements, project updates, industry related write-ups, etc. Employees stay up-to-date with the latest news of the company and feel more valued.

Promote collaborative work

With the use of business chat apps, project iterations and feedback become more organized and can be done at a quicker pace. It is necessary for building an internal collaborative work culture removing any communication barriers that are usually present in the standard feedback process.

Excellent features

The uber useful features of enterprise chat apps provide countless possibilities that could increase productivity. Create different groups for various teams, hierarchies, interest groups, particular teams working on the same projects or remote employees of the company. Groups can be excellently used to collaborate and ensure that all team members are on the same page. in addition, enterprise chat apps also bring together all those members that don’t have a company email id. This proves extremely useful when working with remote teams and freelancers.

A fun way to access

Enterprise chat apps are a more fun and social way to work with teams and employees of an organization. Laced with a clean look and all the latest features, they are user-friendly and an excellent enterprise networking tool. In addition, they are also being called potential email killers as they have reduced email chains. Instead, they have facilitated to-the-point conversation.

Companies and organizations are adapting to new technologies and advanced ways to collaborate with each other and business chat apps are one of the best tools in this direction. 

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