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Wednesday 25 October 2017

How Are Business Chat Apps Shaping Workplace Communication?

From email to team messenger apps, workplace communication has come a long way. Employees no longer have to go through lengthy mail trails to gain the required information. With the help of instant messaging apps, employees can see all the chats shared between teams and clients in just a few clicks.

The best team chat apps allow the workforce to communicate with each other quickly at the same time, both privately or in a group. The technology is pretty similar to email, but information is sent as instant messages, not to a personal inbox.

These enterprise apps have become so popular that they are being called email killers.'

Instant messaging has numerous benefits including reduced interference, increased productivity, improved customer service and above all, transparent workplace communication. Let’s take a look at how enterprise communication apps are shaping workplace communication.

Faster communication

There is no doubt that quick messaging systems improve communication at the workplace. They are also more efficient than emails because they allow the instant sending and receiving of messages, saving plenty of valuable time. With such a system, employees can stay in touch with each other in case they need assistance. Even if an employee is working remotely, he or she can actively communicate with other team members, thus maintaining the pace of work.

No unnecessary interruptions

Team chat apps serve as an alternative to calls, emails and personal visits. If multiple modes of communication are still dominating your workplace, chances are they are being more disruptive and time consuming for your employees without them even knowing it.

Instant messaging removes all such changes of hindrances at work. With business chat apps, workers can communicate with one another, and at the same time work on their current tasks because they don’t need to pause their work to check and respond to messages.


Team chat apps are an affordable mode of communication. With them, large businesses can collaborate between different locations, saving travel expenses. Business chat apps also allow companies to send and receive applications, create presentations and conduct meetings, thus cutting the travel cost to different office locations. The advanced features of enterprise chat apps also allow users to make instant corrections in documents, saving distribution and printing costs.

Better customer service

Instant messaging keeps employees up to date with real-time information. If an employee or client has any issues and needs the immediate attention of a team member or a manager’s approval, s/he can request for feedback or information from managers at a senior level. It reduces holding time of the client or employees and ensures quality customer service.

Advanced features

Business chat apps usually come with lots of advanced features. Not only do they allow instant communication, but they also make room for any special event collaboration, or communication in either groups or privately (when required). They help employees narrow down on topics, send and receive files, share information with a large group in just one click, and resume work after a long holiday without any hassles.

This is how business chat apps have efficiently molded workplace communication.

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